World Matsubayashi-ryu (Shorin-ryu) Karatedo Association
WMKA is a global federation organized by Matsubayashi-ryu’s founder, Mr. Shoshin Nagamine. Upon the elder Nagamine’s passing in 1997, it was inherited, and led, by his son, Mr. Takayoshi Nagamine until his untimely passing in 2012. WMKA is today led by Association President Yoshitaka Taira, Hanshi, 10th Dan, and based in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Our affiliation with WMKA keeps us connected to the roots of Matsubayashi-ryu.

The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do
Written by Shoshin Nagamine, this book outlines and details the eighteen kata and seven yakusoku kumite found within our system, as well as contains a section on kobudo and an in-depth look at the history of Okinawan karate. It is required reading for members of Ravenswood Karate Dojo, as well as any serious practitioner of Matsubayashi-ryu karatedo.

Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu of Little Tokyo
Art Ishii sensei’s WMKA dojo in downtown Los Angeles’s historic Little Tokyo district. Ishii sensei is Ravenswood Dojo’s senior advisor.


Beikoku Shidokan Shorin-ryu Uza Dojo
Okinawa native Yujiro Uza sensei leads this Kobayashi Shorin-ryu karate dojo in Prospect Heights, affiliated with the Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association under Seikichi Iha sensei. Highly recommended traditional Okinawan karate training for anyone in Chicago’s North/Northwest Suburbs.

Tohkon Judo Academy
Founded in 1991 by Doug Tono sensei, a former US Team/Olympic Team member, Tohkon features world class instructors and competitors from more than twenty-five countries. They are affiliated with the United States Judo Federation (USJF), USA Judo, the Chicago Judo Black Belt Association, Illinois Judo Inc., and the Kodokan International Judo Institute & World Headquarters.

Choyokan Kendo Dojo
Established in 1979 by Yutaka Miyazaki sensei, Choyokan is today led by Ken Sakamoto sensei and practices two nights a week out of the Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church gymnasium, the same location as Ravenswood Karate Dojo. They are affiliated with the Midwest Kendo Federation, All United States Kendo Federation and the International Kendo Federation.


Windy City Nikkei
Also @windycitynikkei on Instagram and mirrored on Facebook, Windy City Nikkei offers bite-sized glimpses of Japanese American Chicago, in 2200 characters or less.

Nikkei Chicago
Nikkei Chicago documents the untold stories of Chicago’s Japanese American community through academic-length articles and multimedia.

Japanese American Service Committee
Founded in 1946 as the Chicago Resettlers Committee to assist Japanese Americans in navigating the landscape of post-WWII Chicago, a foreign city to former West Coasters relocating after camp, JASC today continues as a social service agency committed to fostering cultural and community programs that serve a diverse demographic across multiple generations.