Visit to Ohio

At the invitation of Scott Schnell-sensei (WMKA 4-dan, Pinewoods Okinawan Karate Dojo), from 6/23-6/25 a group of us took a weekend road trip to North Central Ohio for training with Yuichi Danjo-sensei (WMKA 7-dan, Kodokan Osaka Dojo) and Art Ishii-sensei (WMKA 6-dan, Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu of Little Tokyo). Additionally, members of Seishin Karate Club in Columbus met up for training as well!

2017-06-24 Wooster

Schnell-sensei was a most generous host, patiently providing the necessary Japanese language translation, and Jen was a wonderful cook & grill master! All in all it was a fun weekend of learning and camaraderie. Ravenswood Dojo members who made the trip were: Angel, Collin, Kevin, Mason, Derrick, and Erik.

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